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Tourists and expats nominate Zurich along with Vienna as the uncontested number one city worldwide since years. And with good reason as Zurich does not only convince on economic grounds, but also functions as a creative and cultural platform. It is about time that filmmakers get to know the advantages of Zurich as a film location.

  • Green Filming

    With the website sustainablearts.ch, the Zurich Filmfunds, together with Migros Culture Percentage and Cinéforom, launched Switzerland's first information platform on sustainability in the cultural sector at the Solothurn Film Festival.

    The website brings the topic of sustainability to life in an inspiring and positive way and provides practical information on how sustainability can be integrated into cultural practice. It is designed as an information platform and offers a broad collection of national and international action guidelines, checklists and service offers.

    Sustainablearts.ch emerged as one of four fields of action from a working group on sustainable filmmaking in Switzerland, which was initiated by the Zurich Filmfunds in mid-2020. Currently, the focus of the site is on the film sector, as there is already a lot of experience in this area. However, many of the recommendations and measures apply across disciplines and can be applied to almost any cultural project with a little creativity. The site will be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. In the medium term, other cultural sectors in particular are to be added. Cultural practitioners and anyone who cares about sustainability are encouraged to explore the site, ask questions, and share their ideas.

NEUMATT - Season 2

"Neumatt" remains a family drama and is set in the area of tension between town and country. In the second season, the current challenges of modern agriculture are joined by questions of food production and distribution.

The consultant Michi (Julian Koechlin) has chosen to live on Neumatt, but the farmers in the village shun him. His childhood sweetheart Döme (Nicola Perot) won't stand by him and the farm lacks official management. To save the farm, Michi hires a food wholesaler as a consultant and promises the farmers a direct deal for their products.

Temporarily, Michi's sister Sarah (Sophie Hutter) takes over and returns to the farm, where she has to face the shadows of her past. In the process, she comes into conflict with her brother Lorenz (Jérôme Humm) and his pregnant girlfriend Jessie (Rumo Wehrli), who have their own plans for the farm. Meanwhile, the mother of the three siblings, Katharina (Rachel Braunschweig), starts a new life in Zurich. But instead of following her dreams as a musician, she finds herself working as a saleswoman in a supermarket. When Michi's double game is exposed, the future is suddenly in question for all the characters.

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Production: Zodiac Pictures Ltd, SRF
Director: Andrea Štake, Christian Johannes Koch
Cast: Rachel Braunschweig, Julian Koechlin, Sophie Hutter, Nicola Perot, Rumo Wehrli, Hans-Peter Gattiker, Christoph Gaugler, Dimitri Stapfer, Lale Yavas, Anouk Petri, Anna Pieri Zuercher
Filming: March - July 2022, Zurich


Margarethe von Trotta's new film BACHMANN UND FRISCH focuses on Ingeborg Bachmann, the radical writer and uncompromising lover. The film tells of the author's life in Berlin, Zurich and Rome, her relationship with Max Frisch, her journey to Egypt as well as her radical texts and readings, which encapsulate the motto of her literature and her life: "Truth is reasonable for man".

a co-production by tellfilm (CH), AMOUR FOU (AT & LUX), Heimatfilm (D)
Director: Margarethe von Trotte
Cast: Vicky Krieps, Ronald Zehrfeld, Tobias Resch, Basil Eidenbenz, Marc Limpach
Shooting: March - June 2022

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