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Tourists and expats nominate Zurich along with Vienna as the uncontested number one city worldwide since years. And with good reason as Zurich does not only convince on economic grounds, but also functions as a creative and cultural platform. It is about time that filmmakers get to know the advantages of Zurich as a film location.

  • The new K-Drama from South Korea will be shot in Zurich!

    Shooting takes place in Switzerland and Korea and the main cast ist extremely famous throughout Asia. The book was written by renowned and award-winning author Jieun Park.

    Shooting: August-September 2019 in Zurich and Bern.

    We are curious!

  • Filming in Zurich, curse or blessing?

    More and more filming takes place in the city of Zurich, be it for feature and documentary films, short films or commercials. But are the city of Zurich and its administrative departments ready for these productions, and can they provide even more streets, squares and green spaces for filming?
    On 3 October 2018, the Zurich City Council expressed its support for the continuation of the "Film Commission Zurich" and thus "for the promotion of the entire film industry, which is both desirable and useful from a cultural policy perspective and from the point of view of economic development. In addition, he affirms his endeavor to strengthen the film location of Zurich with efficient approval processes and a pronounced customer focus on the part of the city administration and to handle the increased rotation volume efficiently. »[Nbsp]



    Olga Zachariadis (CEO Film Commission Zurich)

    Anna Schindler (Director of Urban Development Zurich)

    Andreas Venzin (City district Chief 4)

    Regula Begert (Location Manager)



Nelly, a young student and bus driver on the side, lives with her slightly demented grandmother Rosemarie. But she actually moves to her allotment garden parcel, and she jacks out once again. Putting her grandmother in a home is out of the question for Nelly. And because the two are soon to be thrown out of her apartment anyway, Nelly wants to move into the old allotment garden house with Rosemarie. However, this is forbidden by the allotment garden ordinance - and when it comes to this ordinance, the resolute president of the allotment garden, Franco, is no fun at all. But that doesn't bother the cheeky Nelly at all, and together with another newcomer, the musician Paolo Cesar, she mixes up the allotment garden to change the ordinance. In the multicultural microcosm, the film shows how various nationalities find a piece of home in the garden.


Inspired by Mano Khalil's award-winning documentary "Our Garden of Eden", Rolf Lyssy tells an amusing story about Switzerland and its multicultural diversity in his first TV film. 


Director: Rolf Lyssy

DOP: Elias Lyssy

Produktion: SRF, Atlantis Pictures Ltd

Cast: Steffi Friis, Heidi Diggelmann, Andreas Matti, Marc Sway, Pablo Aguilar und Suly Röthlisberger

Shooting: August-Oktober 2019,in  Zürich and surroundings


We are in 1985. The alcoholic JOSEF lives alone and neglected in a rundown two-family house with garden. When his single-parent younger sister and her 5-year-old daughter NINA move into their second apartment, an unexpected friendship develops between Josef and the neglected little girl. Thirty-five years later, the two meet again. The now drug addicted Nina is in trouble and Josef sets out to help her. 


Director: Peter Luisi

Author: Peter Luisi

Produktion: Peter & David Luisi / Spotlight Media Productions AG

Cast: Matthias Habich, Fabian Krüger, Johanna Bantzer

Shooting: August-Oktober 2019 in Zürich and surroundings, Ukraine


Thirty years ago, a scandal shook Switzerland: more than 900,000 people were monitored because of their political views. "MOSCOW EINFACH" plays with the historical background of the Fichen Affair.
The avid police officer Viktor Schuler (Philippe Graber) is sent by his supervisor Marogg (Mike Müller) to the Zurich Schauspielhaus. There he is to observe the left theater scene. But soon he falls for the charm of chaotic artist life. He falls in love with actress Odile Lehmann (Miriam Stein), whom he is supposed to observe. More and more he begins to doubt his mission.


Director: Micha Lewinsky

Author: Micha Lewinsky, Plinio Bachmann & Barbara Sommer

Produktion: Bernard Lang / Langfilm AG

Cast: Philippe Graber, Miriam Stein, Mike Müller, Michael Maertens

Shooting:  June - July 2019 in Zürich and Surroudings


Spring 1945 - finally peace in Europe. Factory owner's daughter Klara and her groom Johann start into a common future with optimism. Even Egon, Johann's brother, hopes for a new beginning in civilian life, after he has done his active service at the border in recent years. All signs are new, but peace holds numerous political and economic challenges. Klara, Johann and Egon are dealing with the legacy of war and are looking in different ways for a way to shape the future.

Director: Michael Schaerer

Author: Petra Volpe

Produktion: Zodiac Pictures Ltd

Cast: Annina Walt, Max Hubacher und Dimitri Stapfer

Shooting:  Glarus, Zürich, Bern and Freiburg - May to August 2019


Sami, Joe and Leyla have been inseparable since childhood. But the summer at the end of their school years and the beginning of a new phase of their lives put their friendship to a hard test. Their paths separate and their unconditional support crumbles. They learn that at this vulnerable age something can quickly go wrong brutally and that they have to stand up for their convictions and their friendship with all their strength.

Director: Karin Heberlein

Produktion: Abrakadabra Films AG

Casting: Corinna Glaus

Shooting:  Zürich - June/August 2019


The idealistic lawyer Barbara Hug is committed to the fight against the backward Swiss penal system of the 80s. In Walter Stürm, known as the "breakout king" internationally known criminals, she finds an unexpected ally - and even a little bit more. A moving relationship story in the field of tension between state repression and personal freedom.

Director:Oliver Rihs

DOP: Felix Von Muralt

Production Switzerland:Contrast Film

Co-productions: Port au Prince Berlin, Niama Film, Stuttgart

Cast: Joel Basmann, Marie Leuenberger


Eleven-year-old Mia moves with her mother to a small town in the Zurich Oberland. But the idyllic place is no paradise for the girl. Because Mia's mother is heavily drug-addicted and should never have had custody after the divorce. Mia is beaten, emotionally blackmailed and completely neglected. Her loyal companion through this horror is her imaginary friend Buddy, with whom she entertains in lonely hours and forges fantastic plans for a carefree future. Inspired by the book "PLATZSPITZBABY" by Michelle Halbheer & Franziska K. Müller.


Director: Pierre Monnard

DOP: Darran Bragg

Production: C-Films AG

Cast: Luna Mwezi, Sarah Spale

ETH: Real Master
Zürcher Kantonalbank
Pro Infirmis
Crash Landing on You
Al-Shafaq wenn der Himmel sich spaltet
Bruno Manser Die Stimme des Regenwaldes
Baghdad in my shadow
Wir Eltern
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