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Permits for Photography and Film shootings in Zurich

If you are planning to shoot (film or photography) on public ground (streets, public open spaces, waterside promenade, woodlands, etc.) you have to fill out and hand in this application in due time. Please be aware that the official language is German and the applications have to be filled out and submitted in German.

If you are shooting on public ground without any infrastructure (meaning only one hand-held camera or on tripod, and no lights except one reflector, or any other equipment), it will take less than 60 minutes and you won’t obstruct traffic or pedestrians you will not need any permission.

Order Forms

Do you need electricity or water? This is where you find all the order forms you need. Unfortunately they only exist in German so far and have to be filled out in German as well. As soon as we will manage to get them ready in English, please look for assistance with your German speaking colleagues.

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Event Calendar Zurich 2022

Finde here all festive, sporting and circus events that will take place in Zürich city in 2022

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