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Tourists and expats nominate Zurich along with Vienna as the uncontested number one city worldwide since years. And with good reason as Zurich does not only convince on economic grounds, but also functions as a creative and cultural platform. It is about time that filmmakers get to know the advantages of Zurich as a film location.

  • Swiss filmmakers agains No-Billag!


    On the 4th of march Switzerland will be voting for or against the continuation of the SRG. In the case of an admission of the NoBillag-Initiative there will be no Television or Radio subsidised by the State anymore. Meaning: no Service Public and a huge (financial) loss for Swiss culture - especially the Swiss film industry.

    The initiative endangers directly 6'900 jobs of the SRG, but 13'500 in total. Producers, technicians, actors, editors and suppliers depending on the film industry are directly affected and even see their existence threatened to a high degree.

    To get the attention Swiss filmmakers gathered around director Martin Guggisberg and created (free of charge) three spots.

    We would like to thank ALL OF YOU for your service in this important fight! We will vote NO on the 4th of march!

    You can find all the spots and further information here: https://www.filmschaffende-gegen-nobillag.ch/

«It's a wrap!»

Turnus Film successfully finished filming the newest episode of the German cult classic crime series Tatort. As usually in Lucerne, but this time also in Zurich!


Inspectors Ritschard and Flückiger finished their latest intense investigation! Turnus Film just finished shooting the newest episode of the German cult classic Tatort with our favorite inspectors played by Delia Mayer and Stefan Gubser. Filming took place (as ussually of course) in Lucerne, but also on several days in the region of Zurich. We were happy to have them!

The CEO of a holding company along with his wife and daughter is getting surprised by kidnappers. Shortly after Liz Ritschard and Reto Flückiger are knocking on his door. They are investigating a murder of an economics professor and would like to routinely question the CEO, instead they also get caught by the kidnappers. During the following desperate and long night of captivity not only family secrets are coming to light, but also clarity about the professors murderer.

It is getting more and more nerve-racking and exciting.... stay tuned and we will keep you updated!

Production: Turnus Film, Director: Andreas Senn, Camera: Philipp Sichler, Cast: Stefan Gubser, Delia Mayer, Misel Maticevic, Roland Koch, Katharina von Bock

Di chli Häx
Bis ans Ender der Träume
Dene wos guet geit / Those who are fine
Der Klang der Stimme
Die vierte Gewalt
Das Erste und das Letzte
Die Gentrifizierung bin ich
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The Swiss film industry should be treated as an economic industry sector by the public authorities. (Article in German)