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Tourists and expats nominate Zurich along with Vienna as the uncontested number one city worldwide since years. And with good reason as Zurich does not only convince on economic grounds, but also functions as a creative and cultural platform. It is about time that filmmakers get to know the advantages of Zurich as a film location.

  • Zurichs department of sports issued a new scale of fees

    The Film Commission Zurich successfully negotiated with Zurichs department of sports (division of public baths and athletic grounds) a new scale of fees: 

    - The department of sports charges CHF 150.- per hour for film and foto shootings on sports facilities and public baths.
    - If the request is handed in by the Film Commission Zurich (upon the recommendation of Olga Zachariadis), a reduction of 60% will be granted leading to a fee of CHF 150.- per hour. This reduction is associated with the public interest to strengthen Zurich as a film industry location.
    - This fee includes the personnel costs of the department of sports. Particular expenses as electricity, water, waste disposal, floodlight, etc. will be charged additionally.
    - This special arrangement will be applied after inspection and does not form any legal claim.

    We would like to thank Zurichs department of sports for their complaisance and support to strengthen Zurich as a film industry location.

  • The Swiss TATORT is moving to Zurich!

    On April 6th it was announced that the Swiss TATORT will move to Zurich! Who will replace our detectives Flückiger and Ritschard is still unknown. We are excited and expecting a lot of interesting work for the Film Commission Zurich...


C-Films is currently shooting the historical drama about Zurichs reformer Huldrych Zwingli by creating medieval Zurich.


Would you like to travel back in time and get a glimpse of medieval Zurich? C-Films is currently shooting a historical film about the Zurich reformer Huldrych Zwingli. After they transformed the Zurich cathedral and brought it back to its old charm they now moved to Stein am Rhein where the amazing art department build medieval Zurich. It is going to be legendary!

The film shows Zwinglis life that was hugely influenced by his grand love. Anna tells the stories and depicts Zwingli as a complex, vital man and and human who was much more than a historical character. The film is about courage and one's fight to stand up for what you believe in.

Production: C-Films AG, EIKON, Director: Stefan Haupt, DoP: Michael Hammon, Cast: Max Simonischek, Sarah Sophia Meyer

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The Swiss film industry should be treated as an economic industry sector by the public authorities. (Article in German)